Be a part, become a donator.

Each company has the opportunity to engage in YouPromi Brands with a donation of 1 € into the game. Through donations, companies can participate extensively in the individual 5 star system of YouPromi, which is tailored to each participant's ranking. The higher the donation, that higher the ranking.

Your brand is missing? Get involved. Be a YouPromi. Donate.

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5 * Stars    Place 1. - 4.

Own logo on YouPromi layout.

4 * Stars    Place 1. - 100.

Own video spot on the Brands main-page.

3 * Stars    Place 1. - 500.

Own logo sorted into categories.

2 * Stars    Place 1. - 1,000.

Own logo linked on own homepage.

1 * Star       Place 1. - 100,000.

Own logo on Hall of Brands             



  • Every company has the opportunity to intervene into the game at YouPromi with a donation of 1 €.

  • If a company makes a donation of more than 5 € then it will be automatically recorded in a 5 star system by YouPromi.

  • The amount of donations influences the rankings of a company. Each company has it all in their own hands, which ranking they acquire.

  • Videos and links from companies are shown on #YouPromi Brands - Airplane, Automobile, Bank, Discounter, ...


  • The companies agree with the donation that YouPromi has the consent for the use of advertising material, such as Video, Logo, Link or other Files.


  • The use of advertising material is sourced from Google, Youtube and Wikipedia.


  • In order to be able to process the donations more precisely, companies should register on YouPromi.


  • The goal is to found a big Hall of Brands.


  • The donations are for the further development of YouPromi.



  • Every 3 months a new round starts.

  • In order to give each company the opportunity to achieve a top ranking, every three months the company's donations are re-listed and updated.


  • It is a 5 star system led by only limited seats available.

  • If several donations are made by a company within the 3 months in order to achieve a better placement, all donations will of course be added and updated accordingly in the placements.


  • The donations are always cleared and processed after a short time.


  • The highest 5 donations will be donated to aid organizations #HelPeace - ( Save the Children, WWF, Amnesty, Unicef, ... ).

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